One of the attractions will definitely be attending this fair, is conducting outings to visit the attractions and natural values ​​of the province of Cadiz. To this end and to enjoy photographic practice in these scenarios, excursions designed to meet specific representative elements of the fauna, flora and landscapes of the province, for all his assistants will be made.

  • Guided gatuitas.
  • Registration essential.
  • For lovers of photography and Nature.
  • Groups 20 to 50 perosnas. Failure to reach the minimum, the organizaciñon reserves the right to cancel and notified by telephone the same suspension.
  • Output: Navigating own to the meeting point (to be defined).
  • The visit will be walking trails for public use, clothing and appropriate footwear is recommended.
  • Visit Duration: 4h.

Natural Park of La Brena
and marshes of Barbate
and former lagoon of La Janda

On this visit lovers bird photography you will have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of species. Particularly noteworthy raptors and all those linked to humid here means a great place to rest and feed mainly during their migration. It is therefore a unique opportunity to enjoy both the pleasure of bird watching and released his photograph.

Los Alcornocales Natural Park:
Valley Tiradero

Visit the tour one of the best preserved forest areas Natural park the Acorns. Located in the valley of Arroyo del Tiradero, various formations as a magnificent gallery forest, quejigal and Bujeo, which form three distinct habitats represented by Alisos, morunos quejigo and acebuches will travel respectively. These habitats are associated with a wide variety of plant species, shelter, feeding and breeding place for many species of fauna.

Los Alcornocales Natural Park:
Llanos del Juncal

It will visit a unique setting consisting mainly of what is known as “cloud forest” that favors the development of lush and rich vegetation. In this environment the moruno quejigo is the dominant tree and the special microclimate generated by the presence of constant fog throughout the year, allow the existence of a dense understory composed of species as unique as hornbeams, laurels or hollies, as well as an exceptional variety of ferns and other dependent species that permanent moisture. The variety of shades of light and color that occur in this setting make it exceptional for the enjoyment of photography.