• Macro Workshop, by Luca: Given by the young photographer, Luca García, this workshop on macro photography will teach us his techniques for capturing the tiny details invisible to the naked eye.
  • Brought to you by Soulnatura, a specialised photo-trapping company: Photo-tramp cameras allow you to capture images and/or videos of vertebrates, even by night, as they are activated by movement sensors and use infrared light that may be visible or invisible, depending on the model. They are particularly useful for mammals (wild boar, deer, lynx, foxes, rabbits, etc).
  • Workshop on Filters for Landscapes. Offered by Lucroit: At dusk, we will be able to enjoy a workshop on the use of filters for landscapes, given by Lucroit, who will show us what filters to use to get the desired results in each photo.
  • Colour and white balance: A talk that will explain the importance of white balance and the colour profile in the camera. We will learn about the recommended materials and techniques to put it into practice simply and efficiently, as well as processing with our software. Roberto Alcaraz. Offered by Casanovafoto.
  • Masterclass in organisation and workflow for photographers. Manuel Esteves: We shall enjoy a masterclass in which we can learn about file organisation and workflow for photographers. Directory structure, backup copies, rapid photo selection, optimisation of import tools, renaming, etc.
  • Two decades of photography in the Strait: The keys that make the difference. Marina Blue: The Strait of Gibraltar is unique in all the world. Among the things that make it special is the high concentration of cetaceans and migratory birds to be found here. It is not enough just to put out to sea to find these animals. For a professional job and a first-rate photographic experience, many more factors come into play, related to knowledge of the area: the winds, the tides, the species living here, their specific behaviour and, of course, respect for their natural habitat. You must have a navigation plan which is adapted to their movements and natural behaviour, to the light requirements and you must also have the right boat, able to move with agility. These elements make a great difference to the final result. We will share the experiences of Aurelio Morales, who has been working with professionals and photography lovers since 20 years ago at Gibraltar’s Natural Park .